Renaming A Dashboard

Some dashboards are created with a default name, like those created when you first sign up ("My Dashboard"), through a template (e.g., "Google Gone Wild"), or by duplicating a dashboard with the copy function. Others can be named by you when you manually create them. As you configure more insights and create a beautiful report, you might want to change a given dashboard's name. Here's how you can do that:

  1. First, navigate to the dashboard you'd like to rename.
  2. Next, either click on the title at the top of your dashboard, or pull-down the dashboard menu from the gear icon in the top navigation bar, and choose Rename (Fig. 1).
    Figure 1: Choose Rename or click the title directly
  3. If you clicked directly on the title, just type the new name of your dashboard and press Enter on your keyboard to save it. If you clicked Rename in the dashboard menu, you should be presented with a modal (Fig. 2) that will allow you to submit a new name and, if you choose, a description of your dashboard. The first 68 or so characters of the description will be displayed beneath the title.
    Figure 2: Rename your dashboard and (optionally) add a description
  4. Click the Save button to submit your changes.
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