What is the Automation Engagement insight?

Marketing automation help automate your email marketing using contact triggers and automation rules based on contact activity, sales follow-ups and more.

This insight allows you to track engagement of an automation series as a whole in addition to tracking individual campaign engagement using the Campaign Engagement insight. Engagement insight includes open rate, click rate and reply rate over the history of your ActiveCampaign account. Open rate is calculated as the number of unique opens for the campaigns within the automation over the total number of recipients the campaign was sent to. Click rate and reply rate are similarly calculated using unique clicks and unique reply numbers. 

The higher these engagement rates are, the better your campaigns and the automations are performing. It suggests that you are sending relevant content at the right time intervals to your customers. If you see the engagement rates dipping, look in to your automation rules to see if you can tweak time intervals or automation rules to get better engagement. Also keep an eye on your Bounces & Unsubs insight to make sure your marketing efforts are not turning people away.

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