The Facebook Overview Insight

Below is a breakdown of what Dasheroo reports on in the Overview Insight.

Note: This Insight is a compliment to Facebooks own "Overview" in their native reports; it does not mirror data from that report.


Impressions are the number of times a post from your page is displayed regardless of whether the post is clicked or not. Every time a user sees the post, the impressions count is incremented. The Impressions metric gives you a sense of the number of times your post is viewed by people and helps you understand the number of opportunities people had to read what have shared.

Fans (AKA Page Likes)

The Fans metric reflects the number of people who have liked your page. This is an important metric to keep track of so that you know what the potential reach of your content is.

New Fans 

This is a unique metric that Dasheroo provides for your Facebook page. New fans tell you the number of new people who have liked your page in the given period.


The Engagement metric in Dasheroo represents the number of people who engaged with your posts. This includes likes, shares, comments and clicks on links in your posts. Anytime the user clicked on anything in your posts it gets captured in this metric.


The total number of clicks on your Facebook page’s content. This includes link clicks, photo views, and video plays, but does not include other clicks like likes, comments or shares.


The total number of times a post on your page is shared.


The number of likes for your page’s content in the given time frame.


The number of comments on your posts in the given time frame

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