Disconnecting and Reconnecting a QuickBooks Online account

Once you have connected a QuickBooks Online account to view insights on your Dasheroo dashboard, you can disconnect your linked account if you want to add a different account or dont want to use the QuickBooks insights going forward. 


On the top left of your dashboard, you can access the user profile. Clicking on the organization will open a model where you can look through different linked accounts. 


Clicking on the recycle bin icon will delete your linked account and your QuickBooks Online account will no longer be connected to Dasheroo. If you wish to connect your QuickBooks Online account to Dasheroo again, you can add anQuickBooks Online insight to your dashboard and connect to it via the settings panel of the insight.  You can also remove a connected QuickBooks Online account ( thus disconnecting the connection betweenQuickBooks Online and Dasheroo) by clicking on  Remove Account in the insight's settings panel.




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