How can I track multiple metrics in a Google Sheets Line insight?

With our new and improved Google sheets line insight , you can now track multiple metrics from your spreadsheets. From the insight library add the Line insight in Google Sheets.



In the settings panel , connect your Google Drive account and choose the spreadsheet you would like to view.  Choose the row or column that you want to use as your X-axis. Date, Day of the week, SalesRep etc are few examples of X-axis data.

Then choose a row or column for the Y-axis metric. This is the metric you want to track in your line insight. You can now add more Y-axis metrics to track additional data and compare how they trend in the given time period and how they compare to each other.



Clicking on the checkbox will ensure that the row or the column header will be used as the label for X and Y axis metrics.


Note: If you have an existing Line insight and want to track multiple metrics, please add a new line insight. Your old line insight will continue to work until you delete it.

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