What is the Bounces and Unsubs insight?


With this insight you can see a trending line graph that tracks your overall bounce and unsubscribe rates over time.

Dasheroo Tip: Having a look at your average bounce and unsubscribe rates over all the emails you have sent using ActiveCampaign can show you if there are any anomalies you need to be monitor.

For instance, if you see a dip in your bounce rates good for you: you want this number to go down over time. Chances are you're attracting people with real email addresses that love your content. If you find it going up, you might want to have a look at the people who are signing up to make sure they're real people. Consider including a CAPTCHA on your sign up form or requiring a double opt-in process to validate.

If you find your unsubscribe rates have increased over time, you may want to test different offers or content, or lower the frequency of your email marketing campaigns.

Note: Due to the API restrictions with ActiveCampaign this insight shows you data based on all the emails you have sent from the start of your ActiveCampaign account. If you have sent many messages with ActiveCampaign, this number will reflect modest changes slowly.

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