Changes to Google Adwords Insights.

We have made some changes to our Google AdWords insights and wanted to provide all the details. If you are an existing Google AdWords user within Dasheroo you’ll want to read this information carefully. If you have any specific questions please contact for assistance.

We have added 2 new enhancements to Google AdWords.

Ad Performance

This is a table insight that provides key metrics at an individual ad level. For every ad: clicks, impressions, CTR, average CPC and Cost are displayed as metrics for the given time period.

Video Performance  

The Video Performance is a quick snapshot of how your video ads are doing in the chosen time period. The overview insight shows high level stats like Impressions, Video Views, Video View Rate, Clicks, CPV, Cost, CTR. The insight also shows how these numbers have been trending in the given time period and gives you an indication of how your video ads have been doing.

New Filters

In addition to new insights we have now introduced the ability to configure your Google AdWords insight at the Ad Set, Ad Campaign or individual ad level. So in addition to the overall high level stats on your AdWords account, you can set up insights at a much granular level to see how a particular ad campaign or even an individual ad is performing. Simply add a new insight and configure it in the settings panel.


Important information for existing Google AdWords users.

I already have a Google AdWords insight. Why do I not see the filter options when I click on the settings panel?

In order to take advantage of the new filter options, you would need to add a new Google AdWords insight from the insight library.

Can I delete my existing AdWords insight and add these new insights with additional filters?

We do not recommend you do that. Since you already have Google AdWords insights installed, they have been collecting data since the time you added them. Deleting these insights now will result in a loss of that historical data.

Also the new Google AdWords insights allow you to further filter the same insights, so it would make sense for you to have your current Google AdWords insight and add a new one with the necessary filters selected.

Can I add a new Google AdWords insight without any filters across my AdWords account?

Yes, the new filter is an additional feature. You can add insights and choose “Entire Account” if you want to view stats for the overall account.

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