What is the SendGrid Overview insight?

The Dasheroo SendGrid Overview is a quick snapshot of how you're doing in each of your SendGrid KPIs.

The overview insight shows high level stats like requests, number of emails delivered, opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, spam and invalid emails. The insight also shows how these numbers have been trending in the given time period and gives you an indicator of the health of your transactional and email marketing system

Dasheroo Tip:
If your number of opens and clicks grew week-over-week, you might want to dig into your recent emails and see if there was one email that got a lot of engagement. Then publish similar content!

If you see a spike week-over-week in unsubscribes or spam reports, you might want to check your recent emails to see if any one contributed to the high unsubscribes or spam reports. If so make sure your email's content is relevant to your audience. Also check the frequency of your emails; sending too many emails can also result in high unsubscribes

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