What is the HubSpot “Top Contacts by Lead Score” insight?

You'll be able to quickly view your top contacts ranked based on their leadscores. Lead Scoring allows you to give each of your contacts a score that shows how likely they are to close into a customer. The higher the score, the more likely a contact in your database will drive revenue for your company. HubSpot offers 2 ways to assign leadscores - Manual leadscore and Predictive leadscore.

Manual leadscoring allows you to sum up important interactions that helps your sales team prioritize who they follow up with and when. Predictive lead scoring is a tool that is offered by HubSpot, which uses an algorithm to predict who in your database is qualified or not qualified. Predictive leadscoring can be useful for Enterprise customers.

Note: This insight will assign the same rank to multiple contacts who have the same leadscores.

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