What is the "Opportunity Timeline" insight?

From Infusionsoft : Infusionsoft has predefined sales pipeline stages, based on a typical direct sales process. You can customize these stages to align with your direct sales process. Each stage is a trigger that can kick off automation (actions) or be integrated into a sales and marketing campaign.

Sales reps will move the sales stage manually as a prospect progresses through the sales process. When a rep moves the stage, Infusionsoft can automatically update tags and / or follow-up messaging. Sales managers will use the stages to track sales rep effectiveness and evaluate overall sales team performance.

Dasheroo's Opportunity Timeline provides insight in to the number of days an opportunity stays in a particular sales stage. The sales stages to be shown in the insight can be configured. A total of 5 sales stages can be chosen. This is a bar type of insight and shows the number of days opportunities stay in different stages.

Dasheroo Tip : You want opportunities to spend the most time in their final stages like "won" or "lost" and not on working stages like "working" or "new opportunity". If you find opportunities in certain stages taking most time, then look in to what the delays are in closing those opportunities. This could reveal key information like feature requests by leads, bugs that need to be prioritized higher, new discount and coupon codes etc.

Note: Make sure you exclude final stages from this insight. Cause any opportunity in a final stage like "won" or "lost" will likely stay there forever and that is not a bad thing.

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