What is the "Opportunity Pipeline" insight?

From Infusionsoft : Infusionsoft has predefined sales pipeline stages, based on a typical direct sales process. You can customize these stages to align with your direct sales process. Each stage is a trigger that can kick off automation (actions) or be integrated into a sales and marketing campaign.

The Opportunity pipeline gives insight in to the number of opportunities that are at different sales stages at the given time period. The sales stages in the funnel can be configured by the user. A maximum of five sales stages can be chosen.

Dasheroo Tip : You want more opportunities to be in the "closing" or final stages of "won" and "lost". If you find more number of opportunities in a state where they have not yet been worked on, head on over to your sales team to understand the reasons for the delay. Opportunities are to be seized, the sooner we work on them, the higher chances of them converting.

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