What is the Sales Funnel insight?

This insight shows you a funnel view of the sales workflow. This allows you to track the number of checkouts that users initiated to the number that actually resulted in orders and finally to the orders being fulfilled. This gives you valuable insight into the % of users who drop off at each step of the sales funnel and help you narrow down on the areas that need improvement to optimize for the most conversion rate.This insight also shows you how many orders are fulfilled out of all the purchased orders. Keeping an efficient rate of fulfilling orders will keep your customers and in turn you happy.

Drop offs in sales funnel happens. However it is important to find out why. If you see a huge percentage drop off from the number of checkouts to the number of completed checkouts, find out why. It could be that your checkout page is too long or takes too much time to load. If you can, easily accept payments using solutions like Paypal that keeps the checkout process simple and fast. Make it easy for the user to checkout by developing a clean and error free checkout process.

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