What is the new and returning customers insight?

This insight breaks down the revenue generated by the Shopify storefront by new and returning customers. You can see the $ amount of revenue that new customers contributed vs that contributed by returning customers in the given time period. This helps you answer the question “"how much money did I make from people who were never customers before they purchased" vs. "how much money did I make from people who were coming back to purchase a second time or more ?".  This insight helps you determine the revenue you generate from returning customers and identify customer loyalty. This will help you create marketing plans specifically geared towards loyal customers and to get new customer exciting about becoming regulars.

For example, if on the first day of your storefront, a new user spends $10, this pie chart will show 100% revenue contribution by new users for $10. On the next day if the same user spends another $10 and a few other new users spend a total of $50, this insight will show you $10 contributed by returning users and $60 contributed by new users. A revenue generated by a first time user will be considered as that generated by a new user even if the user comes back to spend more in the same period. Subsequent revenue from that user will be counted as revenue from returning users.

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