What is the “Subscriptions per plan” insight?

This insight shows you a trending line graph of the number of new customers who created a subscription to a specific stripe plan your business offers. In the given time period you can see how this number trends. This will tell you what your popular plans are how many users sign up for them.

Note: This statistic tells you the number of users who directly subscribe to a plan. It does not show the number of users who upgraded or downgraded to a plan. So the number here may not always match with your stripe dashboard. However this number tell you how many users choose your different plans as their first option when signing up.  For example, if you automatically place all your new signups in a free plan, you will see your free plan showing all your customers even though some of them may have upgraded to a paid plan. However if you allow users to choose plans when they sign up, you can see how many signed up for individual plans.

Dasheroo Tip : Do you see a spike in sign ups? It could be because you had a new blog post that was promoted, or a popular tech or consumer blog reviewed your site. Track sources that lead to more customer sign ups in your google analytics account and focus on promoting your business in those sources.


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