If I am a sub user in an Eventbrite account, can I connect insights to my account?

You can, however you cannot see any of your events to choose for insights.This is because as of now Eventbrite does not have API support for sub accounts. So we wont be able to make an API call on your behalf to eventbrite to get a list of your events. Without the events, you wont be able to view most of our eventbrite insights.

You can however have your eventbrite account owner connect their account with Dasheroo once and can use that account for all your insights. This is a one time process and you don't have to do it again unless you want to connect a different eventbrite account to your insights. 

Once Eventbrite fixes this issue on their end, we will enable sub users of eventbrite to also set up these insights in Dasheroo.

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