FAQ: Missing Facebook Pages

Occasionally when connecting a Facebook account, managed business pages are missing from the selection drop-down menu. This may be due to one of several situations. We'll cover the known causes for this behavior and what can be done to correct them.


Separate Facebook Profiles

If you maintain multiple Facebook profiles for managing business pages, e.g., a personal account and a separate work account, then you may have inadvertently connected the wrong profile to your dashboard. Facebook maintains long-lasting session cookies and does not require a click-through step when connecting your profile, so if your browser is logged into Facebook when connecting your account, you may not be prompted to authorize Dasheroo.

The easiest way to resolve this issue is to open a separate browser tab in your session and navigate to Facebook. Pull down the account menu in the upper-right (Fig. 1) and choose "Log Out" (Fig. 2) to end your active session.


Fig. 1: Facebook Account Menu



Fig 2: Facebook Log Out Option


Next, return to your Dasheroo dashboard and click the "Add Insight" button to begin the process of reconnecting your account. On step 3 of the wizard, the account drop-down will be presented with your previously connected account (feel free to click "Remove Account" if this connection isn't needed), and you can click the "Add Account" button to connect your second Facebook profile. A new window will open and prompt you to log into Facebook (Fig. 3).


Figure 3: Facebook OAuth Window




Business Manager Page Management

Through the Facebook Ads Business Manager feature, business managers can create and maintain business pages within Facebook. However, these pages are not available via the Facebook reporting API when you connect your account, and the Facebook Ads reporting API does not include standard Facebook metrics for the page content itself.

In order to gain access to reporting metrics for these Facebook pages, it's currently necessary to be an administrator of the Facebok page within Facebook itself. If you use Facebook Ads Business Manager to create and manage content for the business pages, you can check if you're an admin by visiting the page directly in Facebook.

First, visit www.facebook.com and log into your account. Search for and navigate to the business page you manage. If your account is an administrator, you should see the page management menu at the top of the page (Fig. 4).


Fig. 4: Facebook Page Management Menu


If you see the menu above, you're likely a page admin and connecting your Facebook account to Dasheroo should expose this page in your profile selection menu.

If you do not see the menu above, you're not a page admin. Currently, the only way to reveal reporting metrics for this page in your dashboard is to become an admin. Typically, the page owner in Facebook can assign these permissions.


Incomplete Granular Permissions

Under certain conditions, you can successfully connect your Facebook account to your Dasheroo dashboard and possess administrator rights to all Pages you expect to see, and still they're not presented in your list. To confirm that your dashboard has access to your Pages, first open a browser tab and log into Facebook. Pull down your profile menu from the upper-right and select "Settings." On the next page, choose "Business Integrations" on the left-hand list and click the Dasheroo app. Confirm that all of the boxes are ticked in the window that appears (Fig. 5), then click "Save." Note: If you are an administrator on multiple Pages, be sure that each Page you need to see in Dasheroo is checked. It may be necessary to click a link to expand the list of Pages.


Fig. 5: Dasheroo application permissions


If none of these cases resolves an issue with missing Facebook pages in your selection menu, please contact support using the in-app help feature or by emailing support@dasheroo.com.

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