Adding an Image to Your Dashboard

You can display an image from the web on your dashboard using the Notes insight. 


First, click the "Add Insight" button and select the Notes insight (fig. 1).


Figure 1: Adding the Notes insight


Once you add the insight to your dashboard, the configuration screen (fig. 2) should appear automatically. If it doesn't, simply click the gear icon in the lower-left corner of the insight and choose Settings.


Figure 2: Notes configuration panel 


To reference an image, you'll add the following markdown to the box labeled Text in the Settings panel:

![alt text](URL "title text")

 And replace each element with the appropriate information. For instance:

  • "alt text" becomes the text that's displayed when the image can't load for any reason
  • "URL" becomes the web address of the image you'd like to display
  • "title text" becomes the name of the image, or what you'd like to be displayed when mousing over the image (be sure this element is enclosed in quotes, as pictured)

For example, if we wanted to display an adorable kitten on our dashboard, it might look like this:

![Kitten Image]( "An Adorable Kitten!") 

The resulting insight would look something like this (fig. 3):


Figure 3: Dashboard Kittens

And that's all it takes!


If you have any trouble or further questions, please contact support by submitting a ticket, using the help menu on your dashboard, or emailing


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