Sending Dashboards via Email

One great way to share your dashboards with customers, clients and coworkers is to send them via email. You have the option to send either a one-time email or you can set up a recurring schedule that will deliver your dashboards on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. When your recipient receives your email they will be able to view a PDF file of the dashboard you've shared. Click here to watch a video demo.

Dashboard emails are perfect for:

  • Small businesses that want to stay on top of their metrics but don't always have time to log into their Dasheroo account.
  • Busy agencies that need a way to generate weekly or monthly reports for their multiple clients.
  • Any customer who's looking to add some automation into their workflow to save time and reduce manual effort.

Note: This feature is currently available on our Grande, Venti, Agency and Custom plans. View pricing plan details.

To get started, first click on either the "Email" icon at the upper right corner of the dashboard you wish to share or select the "Email Dashboard" option from the Share menu in the main app navigation.  


Once you've done that you can enter the recipients you'd like to send to, specify the interval for your email and also select the data range for the dashboard when it's sent.


You can also customize the settings of the email you'll be sending to include a personalized subject line, message body and from label. This is an optional step so you can still send/schedule your dashboard emails using the default settings if you'd prefer.


If you ever need to view or edit one of your scheduled emails you can easily do so by click on the Settings menu in the upper right corner of your account (see below). Just click the "Scheduled Emails" option and you'll then be brought to a screen that shows all of your scheduled emails with options to edit or delete them.





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