What is the “Deal Stages Pipeline” insight?

This insight allows you to understand how the deals are progressing through the different stages of the sales pipeline within a given time period.

From HubSpot: Deal Stages allow you to categorize and track the progress of the deals that you are working on within HubSpot CRM. Each Deal Stage has a probability associated that indicates the likelihood of closing deals marked with that Deal Stage.By default, the CRM includes eight Deal Stages: Appointment Scheduled (20%), Initial Contact (30%), Qualified to Buy (40%), Presentation Scheduled (60%), Decision Maker Brought-In (80%)

Contract Sent (90%), Closed Won (100% Won) and Closed Lost (0% Lost). These Deal Stages can be customized to suit your specific business needs.

Dasheroo Tip: If you see that you've got a large number of leads are in the 'Initial Contact' phase, but they haven't not entered the 'Qualified to Buy' stage, then we have a problem! Leads need to move to opportunities and the only way to do that is by reaching nurturing them. Email marketing campaigns are a great way to keep your leads warm and a phone call can drag the sale over the line! Hubspot workflows can also be very helpful with lead nurturing and convert more leads to customers.

Note: At this point, we only provide support to view the deal stages from your HubSpot’s Sales Pipeline.


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